eVol10 No1 (Oct 2023)

Message from the President

In this penultimate issue of the Pharmaciae published under the current Council term, we provide concise yet informative articles that seek to update the profession on Council decisions, its work and other matters relating to Pharmacy.

Message from the Registrar

The last year of the current Council collective is progressing towards a close, and, with it, the remaining of the five-year strategic targets set at the being of the Council term are being realised. Despite the many triumphs, challenges such as litigation against Council programmes such as Pharmacist-Initiated Management Antiretroviral Therapy present themselves. In this article, Mr Vincent Tlala,...

Council Decisions

This article presents a summary of selected matters discussed and decisions taken by the South African Pharmacy Council (‘Council’) during its meetings held on 12/13 October 2022, 15/16 February and 17/18 May 2023. Other matters on the operations of the Office of the Registrar and Council are covered in the articles featured in this issue of the Pharmaciae.

What’s New in Legislation

Legislation having an impact on Pharmacy and the practice environment is continuously updated in response to changing the environment and other factors. We endeavour to include all legislative amendments and new/proposed legislation in each issue of the e-Pharmaciae. This edition looks at the legislation published between January 2023 and August 2023.


The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) is happy to present to the profession ten (10) newly appointed and promoted employees, who have undergone rigorous selection processes. They bring with them a range of skills, experience and capabilities to help the SAPC fulfil its legislative mandate. In this period, we are also bidding farewell to three (3) colleagues, one of...

Council participates in industry conferences

The South African Pharmacy Council honoured several invitations to attend conferences hosted by the profession since the start of 2023. These conferences presented the SAPC with an opportunity to engage with pharmacists, pharmacy support personnel and other industry stakeholders.

CFI acts against unprofessional conduct

Council robustly guards the public’s right to quality pharmaceutical services, while upholding the good image of the pharmacy profession, by investigating alleged unprofessional conduct by registered persons and bringing disciplinary processes against those found to be endangering public health and/or bringing into disrepute the good name of the pharmacy profession. Regulation 26 of the Regulations relating to the conduct...

Perverse incentives: Code of Conduct (1.6.3)

The Rules relating to the Code of Conduct for Pharmacists and Other Persons Registered in terms of the Pharmacy Act require that a pharmacy professional’s prime concern in the performance of his/her professional duties must be the wellbeing of the patient and other members of the public. This article looks at the requirement for all persons registered with the...

September was Pharmacy Month

Pharmacy Month is observed annually in September to raise awareness of the care and services members of the public may access from pharmacies across communities throughout the country. In 2023, Pharmacy Month was observed under the theme “Pharmacy United in Promoting Healthcare for Patients”; preliminary analysis indicates that Pharmacy Month messages received 192 497 255 impressions across various channels.

2023 Council Election Results

The South African Pharmacy Council is a statutory regulatory body established in terms of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974. The Council exists to regulate the pharmacy profession in South Africa. As per the Act, the Council is made up of 25 members. These members sit for a term of office of five years at a time. The current...

Medicine Misuse: Codeine

Codeine-containing medicines have, in recent years, become a real conundrum for Pharmacy – largely due to increased abuse and misuse, fuelled largely by popular culture and criminal elements operating an illicit market for these and other habit-forming medicines. This article reminds the profession of its responsibility to remain ethical custodians of medicines and the health of the population.

Importance of CPD: 2023 deadline is fast approaching

Each year, registered pharmacists are required to submit at least six (6) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) entries by 31 December. Pharmacists are encouraged to record their CPD activities in areas including but not limited to lessons and skills learnt while practising, and any knowledge retained from journal articles, seminars, workshops and/or training courses. The intention of recording CPD activities...

March 2023 Pre-Registration Examination: Results

The South African Pharmacy Council congratulates the 204 Pharmacist Interns in the March 2023 cohort who have passed the pre-registration examination. The Pharmacist Interns achieved a 93,3% pass rate, which is slightly higher than the October 2022 pass rate of 86,8%. The Pre-Registration Examination was written in March 2023 and two hundred and thirty-three (233) interns wrote the examination.

PIMART Update: Court ruling in favour of PIMART appealed

The issuance of Section 22A(15) permits in relation to PIMART and the recording of PIMART supplementary training with Council remain on hold due to the IPAF’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling and the 22% of People Living With HIV and AIDS who are denied access to treatment by the unending litigation against PIMART remain condemned to a life...

eVol.10 No.1 (oct 2023)

eVol.10 No.1 (Oct 2023) IN THIS ISSUE e-Vol 10 No 1 (Oct 2023) Message from the President In this penultimate issue of the Pharmaciae published under the current Council term, we provide concise yet informative articles… e-Vol 10 No 1 (Oct 2023) Message from the Registrar The last year of the current Council collective is […]

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