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Take part in the 2022 SAPC Public/Stakeholder Perception Survey and Communication Audit

Council is calling on all its stakeholders, including registered persons and representatives of registered entities/facilities, as well as members of the public, to participate in its 2022 SAPC Public/Stakeholder Perception Survey and Communication Audit. This survey aims to assess perceptions of service delivery and communication efficiency, amongst others. Its results will help Council review how its services and communication efforts align with stakeholder expectations and, thus, initiate improvements in areas identified as seeking realignment.

Council continuously assesses its processes and service points internally in order to improve the service experience of all Council stakeholders. These efforts are further supported by an independent external audit across all of Council’s operations. However, as these processes are largely internally driven, they lack input and vital feedback from you as Council’s primary stakeholder. To remedy this and ensure sustained improvement of the stakeholder experience, Council is embarking upon its 2022 Public/Stakeholder Perception Survey and Communication Audit between 20 December to 31 January 2023.

How can you participate?

You can access the survey by visiting between now and 31 January 2023. Once on this page select the relevant survey between one for the Stakeholder (all persons/entities registered with Council and/or their representatives) and one for the Public (all persons accessing pharmaceutical care/services in South Africa, but not registered with Council or representing entities registered with Council).

Participation in the survey is totally voluntary and you may choose to remain anonymous.

The intent of the survey

The 2022 SAPC Public/Stakeholder Perception Survey and Communication Audit will primarily help Council assess areas requiring improvement in relation to the following four areas: Service Delivery (for both the profession and the public), Quality of Interaction Channels, Communication Efficiency, and Perception of Council’s delivery on its purpose. The survey also aims to identify areas of excellence that should be maintained and sus

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