March 2023 Pre-Registration Examination: Results

Pharmacist Interns attain 93,13% pass rate in the Pre-Registration Exam

The South African Pharmacy Council congratulates the 204 Pharmacist Interns in the March 2023 cohort who have passed the pre-registration examination. The Pharmacist Interns achieved a 93,3% pass rate, which is slightly higher than the October 2022 pass rate of 86,8%. The Pre-Registration Examination was written in March 2023 and two hundred and thirty-three (233) interns wrote the examination.

Pharmacist Interns attain 93,13% pass rate in the Pre-Registration Exam

The pre-registration examination is a compulsory step in the registration process. As a Pharmacist Intern, you are required to sit for the practice examination to help acclimatise yourself to the online examination conditions prior to writing the pre-registration examination.

To qualify for the pre-registration examination, a Pharmacist Intern should have completed a minimum of five (5) months of the internship and have submitted at least six (6) CPD entries and be competent in three CPD entries by the time of the examination booking. Interns should also ensure that there are three (3) favourable progress reports submitted by their tutor so that they can write the exam.

The results of the March 2023 Pre-Registration Examination are provided in Table 1 below.

SAPC - Pharmaciae - eVol.10 No.1 (Oct 2023)
Table 1: Pre-registration examination results

Pharmacist Interns repeating the examination are required to complete both sections of the examination regardless of their success in either the calculations or general sections in their previous attempt.

We wish the Pharmacist Interns that are attempting or reattempting the examination in October 2023 success. These interns may find the Intern and Tutor Manual (click here to download) and the various lectures on calculations and other questions (click here to watch) in the General section useful as they prepare for the examination.

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