Fees payable to Council 2023

The Honourable Minister of Health gazetted the Regulations relating to fees payable to the South African Pharmacy Council on Friday, 2 December 2022. The regulations pave the way for the caping of annual fee increases at the rate of headline inflation, as called for by the profession both prior to and during the public consultation process of the draft regulations.

Minister publishes Fees Regulations, Council adjust fees below headline inflation

The South African Pharmacy Council (hereafter “Council”) is pleased to inform the profession that the Regulations relating to fees payable to the South African Pharmacy Council (hereafter “Fees Regulations”) were gazetted by the Honourable Minister of Health, Dr Joe Phaahla, on Friday, 2 December 2022. The main provision of the Fees Regulations is for the 2024 and subsequent fee adjustments, Council should adjust the fees by a rate not exceeding headline inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index, in consultation with the profession.

While Council has consistently increased fees by rates that are below inflation over the past few years, the Fees Regulations ensures that the profession can be assured that Council fees will not increase by rates that are above inflation in future years.

2023 Fees

Fees payable to Council have been adjusted by 6% for 2023 and a schedule of fees is available within the Fees Regulations on the Council website, alternatively the regulations may be downloaded by clicking here.

Annual Fee deadlines for 2023

Council has started issuing 2023 Annual Fee invoices for certain professions. The profession is encouraged to ensure that they pay their annual fees timeously to avoid erasure and restoration fees.

  • 2 January – Pharmacies and Responsible Pharmacists (private sector: Community, Institutional (private), Wholesale and Manufacturing).
  • 1 February – Pharmacists.
  • 1 June – Providers, Assessors, Pharmacist’s Assistants, Students, and Pharmacist Interns.
  • 1 July – Pharmacies and Responsible Pharmacists (public sector).
  • 1 July – Pharmacy Owner (public and private sector)

South African Pharmacy Council Bank details

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Name of beneficiary: South African Pharmacy Council
Bank account number: 011885866
Branch code: 010145
Payment/beneficiary reference: Your account number with Council*

*Your account number is alpha–numeric:
Persons: P-number (P followed by a 5-digit number)
Pharmacy: Y-number (Y followed by a 5-digit number)
Provider: R-number (R followed by a 5-digit number)

Payment methods

Online credit and debit card method

We recommend that all pharmacy professionals pay fees conveniently through the safe credit or debit card payment method available on the SAPC website after logging in with your unique details. You not only enjoy the convenience of paying the fees wherever you are and at any time, but you also receive instant confirmation that your payment has been received.

Other payment methods

Fees can be paid into Council’s Standard Bank Account, indicated above, through the following methods:
Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
Direct deposit

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