eVol 9 No 1


There have been notable and extensive discussions about COVID-19 over the past two years… “Be safe, mask up, and sanitise” that has become a mantra for people across South Africa as well as globally. But do we really understand how vaccines are being monitored to assess probable side-effects being experienced by pockets of our population? In this article, SAHPRA explores how it monitors vaccine safety and takes stock of the AEFIs reported to date.

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

Council is calling on all its stakeholders, including registered persons and representatives of registered entities/facilities, as well as members of the public, to participate in its 2022 SAPC Public/Stakeholder Perception Survey and Communication Audit. This survey aims to assess perceptions of service delivery and communication efficiency, amongst others. Its results will help Council review how its services and communication efforts align with stakeholder expectations and, thus, initiate improvements in areas identified as seeking realignment.

immunisation and injection techniques courses

Registered persons currently undergoing immunisation and injection techniques courses not accredited by the South African Pharmacy Council have until 31 December 2022 to complete and record these. For courses completed after 31 December 2022, Council will only accept Immunisation and Injection Techniques supplementary training certificates issued by accredited providers. In this article, we unpack the implications of Board Notice 241 of 2022 on the recording of immunisation courses.

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